City Aikido

Mindfulness in Motion, Self Defense, Mind-Body Harmony

City Aikido

Nadeau with O Sensei - Morihei Ueshiba , Aikido Founder

At City Aikido we provide a direct lineage to the founder's teachings. Robert Nadeau, Shihan (8th dan), our Sensei, studied under O'Sensei's direct tutelage in Japan in the 1960's. With a lifetime of training in the martial arts (over 50 years with Aikido), Nadeau Sensei leads our dojo in this martial way - drawing out the very best in each student and teacher. We are fortunate at City Aikido to have access to this depth of knowledge and to have a dojo where exploring the more hidden and subtle dimensions of Aikido is the norm.

If your interest is in checking out Aikido first hand or finding a dojo you can call home, we recommend you visit City Aikido and discover if what we are doing and becoming here is right for you.

We have a world class Sensei, highly qualified and experienced teachers, and a community of students that are enthusiastic, helpful and friendly. We share respect, trust, and our safety with each other in a dojo that is grounded with deep roots in personal experience and ancient teachings.

Please visit us, train with us, and join our community of like-minded souls as we learn and explore together what it means to live in peace in a turbulent society.